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Web Cache Keep Alive Software

Our HttpKeepAlive Solution will keep your webpages loaded in the servers cache.

Google and visitors expect your site to be quick and responsive, Most content management systems will try to save resources by pushing low usage pages out of memory, when these are requested they can take anything up to a minute to wake up!


Choose our simple and lightweight solution to keep your site responsive.

How Does it Work ?

The Management console is installed on a Windows Server or workstation, Just add the pages to the list and set how often the software should request the pages.

HttpKeepAlive will then request the pages on the schedule you set keeping them active and quick.

What Can it do ?

Within a few minutes the software will be installed and requesting the pages you set in the list.

When web crawlers like Googlebot visit you site will be instantly available for indexing and your visitors will not longer have to wait for the page to compile and load.

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