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How Does it Work ?

The Management console is installed on a Windows Server or a Administrators PC. 

A simple installation guides you through either:-

Installing SQL 2008 R2 Express, the freely distributable Microsoft SQL tool, followed by a quick install of the PC AUDIT PRO console application.

Or you can use an existing SQL Server Express, SQL 2000 or SQL Server 2005/2008/2012 Server, you can just install PC AUDIT PRO and connect using your own SQL Server.

Now you are ready to get started!


Once installed simply define your audit area shares. You can decide on where to run your audits from and where to store all your collected data, no agents needed!

Using PC AUDIT PRO′s Audit Area Wizard just define the complexity and details of your audit. You choose any additional user information to collect, what level of software and hardware to audit and any specific system file data, music, movies or other file types.

Once you’ve decided on your audit configuration, you can audit PCs on demand at the click of a mouse by installing our Audit on Demand agent or with a simple alteration to the login script or group policy have users automatically audited when they login to the network. You can even stream the data back to a TCP/IP service, to allow for more restrictive networking environments for example a DMZ or secure set-up without file services.


Once your PC AUDIT PRO data has been collected and imported it is automatically calculated to give you your global totals. You will see the results of your entire windows network and can select any PC for analysis of installed Software, Software snapshot, Hardware and Licensing details.

PC AUDIT PRO provides the functionality to set up multiple tab views of your PC estate. For example you may wish to view all PCs with Windows 10 in one tab with all Windows 8.1 PCs in a separate tab. Criteria views can easily be shared with other users and used for creating complex reports.


The built-in reporting engine allows you to combine the flexibility and power of SQL with the ease of use of a drag and drop report builder.  We also include a collection of pre-built reports which users can tailor and customise. As well as on screen and printed reports with customisable layouts, you can export direct to Excel and PDF (as well as the traditional csv and html exports).


License Manager

PC AUDIT PRO′s built-in License Manager lets you assign a whole range of license types and extra information to your discovered software, giving you an instant overview of Licensed Software and License Violations.  Specify Renewal dates and costs, even link documents and Invoices to tie up the software installed with the licenses you own (Very important when facing an audit request)


No need for an additional license tool!

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