Performance Applications is a top level USA distributor for TaskForceCO2

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Power Management Software

As a TaskforceCO2 top level distributor, our Power Management Solution can save you an average of $50 a year for every PC in your Organization.

In these hard times with I.T budget cuts and freezes, wouldn't it be nice to recoup some of the financial wastage and do a bit of good for the environment at the same time?


Choose the intelligent power management solution, eliminate wasted energy and put dollars back into your pocket. Imagine that you have 1,000 machines at your organization. By reducing energy costs efficiently with TaskForceCO2 you could save $50,000 in the first year alone.

How Does it Work ?

The Management console is installed on a Windows Server, this allows you to deploy multiple Power Schemes to your chosen PCs or Groups of PCs.

What Can it do ?
Within a few minutes you can install remote clients and apply Power Schemes allowing you to start saving straight away.

Define multiple Power Schemes throughout the day, wake Up the PC's before staff arrive to increase productivity, set schemes to hibernate at lunch time and more..
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