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Remote Control-Viewing Software

Installing our VIEW MY PC Software will allow you to remotely view and control Windows PC's on your LAN/WAN with ease. 

Monitor Staff and assist users without leaving your desk!

No renewals just a single licence fee.

No installation required on clients.

No restriction on the number of PC's. 


How Does it Work ?

The Management console is installed on an Administrators PC, Client PC's to be viewed or controlled execute a single EXE file located on a network Share via logon script or active directory group policy at logon.


There is nothing to install on the user PC's they just need to run the client application at logon.

What Can it do ?
Within a few minutes you will be up and running.

View users screens without them knowing alternatively you can ask for permission first!

Remotely control PC's to help users or fix issues, take control of the mouse and keyboard just like windows remote desktop.

The client is very light weight and runs with limited permissions.

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